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TPN CEO Michelle Dickens resigns with immediate effect

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Due to personal reasons, CEO of TPN Credit Bureau Michelle Dickens has resigned with immediate effect. She remains a shareholder in the business which she co-founded more than two decades ago at the age of 24.

TPN was one of the first credit bureau globally to specialise in tenant behaviour. The idea for the business was borne when, as a young property manager, Dickens experienced the frustration of dealing with tenants first hand, some of whom regularly repeated poor payment behaviour with new landlords.

It was this behaviour that sparked her idea for the first Tenant Profile Network, a network that allowed landlords and estate agents to share rental payment behaviour with one another. From the outset, Dickens has been determined to turn tenant behaviour into smart data to benefit landlords, investors and estate agents – as well as tenants themselves – to uplift the industry as a whole.

Expressing its regret for her departure, the board said they are grateful for Dickens’ service and fully support her during this time.