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Landlords’ legal obligations with load shedding, water cuts

With South Africa being plunged into darkness on a more regular basis this could become a very costly exercise for Landlords.

Currently we are experiencing and increase in maintenance issues with our managed agreements, due to load-shedding.  As a result of the power surges, geysers blow, gate motors stop working, alarms and batteries fail – actually the list is endless as is the frustration for all concerned.

These costs have become a nuisance to the Landlord as Landlords are responsible to keep all appliances, motors and services to the property fully functional.  The costs of having to repair the various items becomes expensive and not all insurances cover damaged goods due to load-shedding, or they may only pay a portion and not on a repeatable basis. Thus insurance related costs can also escalate.

The Landlord is responsible to cover the home insurance and all fixtures and fittings that come with the home. The tenant is responsible for their movable goods.

In short, for the long term, it may be a wise investment for Landlords to look at various options to keep the main items in there homes running and protected through load-shedding thus cutting the costs of continuous maintenance.  Load-shedding is unfortunately here to stay for a long time to come.

Taryn Retief
Rentals Manager

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Landlords’ legal obligations with load shedding, water cuts

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