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Rental Scams

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There seems to be no end to the various ways thieves  will find to steal your money and some are easy to fall for unless you are aware of them.  Read and learn!

While digital platforms have replaced many of the traditional ways of finding a property to buy or rent – enabling would-be buyers or tenants to cast a wider net – it has also given rise to increasingly sophisticated property scams.

“These scams often involve fraudsters posing as legitimate property owners or real estate agents and using online platforms to advertise properties that do not exist or are not available to rent or purchase,” explains Jackie Smith, head of Buyers Trust, a subsidiary of Ooba Group which provides a bank-hosted deposit solution for homebuyers.

Smith emphasises that while the anonymity of the internet has made it much easier to facilitate these scams, some will go so far as to meet unsuspecting buyers and renters in person to seem more legitimate, only to vanish once the funds have been transferred.

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